About me

I'm a full stack web developer experienced with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, D3, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, and React. I enjoy the challenge of building responsive web applications. Take a look at some the projects I've recently worked on.

My Work

Magic: The Gathering Draft Tracker

Magic: The Gathering players can tracker their draft results from any device. Full stack app built with Node, MongoDB, Express, Pug, and D3.


React Map Game

Guess which city is closest to your current location and compare your score to other players. Full stack app built with React, Node, Express, and MongoDB.


Spotify Artist Relationships

Enter two artists, see a chart illustrating the artists that connect them, and play preview tracks of any artist in the chart. Built with HTML, CSS, JQuery, and D3.


Spotify Artist Recommendations

Spotify Artist Recommendations allows a user to enter an artist, get their related artists, and hear sample songs to find new music. Built with HTML, CSS, and JQuery.